Sprowt Labs | 2017-Current | Minneapolis, MN

Sprowt Labs

Sprowt Labs is an IoT company that designs and manufactures an internet-connected appliance for the craft brewing and craft distilling supply chains.

Product shot of Acro Source:

My Roles

Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Software Lead. As one of two primary participants in the development of the company and our flagship product, Acro, I have been a major contributor in sales and customer relations, supply chain development, and the primary designer for all of our custom CAD parts.

I am the architect and sole maintainer of our website and our web application, as well as a major contributor to the appliance’s embedded firmware. I designed the WiFi setup flow for the software enabled access point (SoftAP).

General Skills & Achievements

  • Product development for patented product that combines several bespoke mechanical functions (steeping, draining, aerating, humidifying, cooling, kilning)
  • Product supply chain development for many of our 800+ parts
  • Customer sales and technical support
  • Won $29k grant for injection molding manufacturing
  • Designed injection molded part and several other CAD-designed custom metal parts

Exploded view of injection molded part Source:, exploded view of injection molded part that I designed.

In the News

Software & Firmware Tools Used

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Various web APIs, Heroku, PostrgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Web Sockets, AWS (S3, CloudFront), Particle API, C++, Arduino, Python, SoftAP

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